Predictable, controllable and precise technique

  • Four Cushion Technique: cushions meet at the midline to ensure urethral coaptation
  • 1cm markers on the needle shaft enables precise placement of infections
  • Rotatable sheath: 360° rotating needle channel allows for a consistent and reproducible procedure
  • Zero degree urethroscope provides optimal visual guidance with camera and light connections to fit all standard systems
  • Two 1ml syringes with 0.1ml markers ensure that injecting Bulkamid gel is a simple and easy process

Bulkamid Procedure

Due to the characteristics of Bulkamid, the size of the cushion is directly dependent on the volume of hydrogel injected, making the procedure very precise, predictable and controllable. Watch the video and learn more about performing the Bulkamid technique.

Bulkamid Procedure Set Up

Watch the video and learn more about the pre-procedure preparation to assemble the Bulkamid Urethral Bulking System.

Bulkamid is a non-particulate, non-resorbable homogenous hydrogel which consists of 97.5% water and 2.5% polyacrylamide.
Bulkamid does not rely upon a reaction from host tissue to generate its desired effect.
Bulkamid vs TVT RCT
Tooz Hobson 2 Year Data
2015 UKCS Farrell Davies
Mesh Report
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