Disposable Cordless Endometrial Ablation Device

The LiNA Librata™ allows for a simplified ablation procedure by being the first cordless, fully automated, disposable ablation device. The LiNA Librata™ treatment is ~2 minutes, making the procedure short and quick for both the surgeon and patient. No cables. No generator. No capital investment. Each single-use device is ready out of the box. Simply insert the battery and press the ‘ON’ button to begin the pre-heating process.

  • 2 minute thermal treatment time
  • No complicated setup
  • Slim 5.4 mm catheter requires minimal or no dilation
  • Ideally suited for ambulatory gynaecology
  • Only a simple sounding measurement required
  • No cables – No generator – No capital investment
  • Intelligent software automatically manages time, temperature and pressure
For Surgeon
For Patient