We are pleased to announce the official launch of the new Medacta SensiTiN system in the European market.

Media release

Medacta Expands its Knee Offerings with New SensiTiN System with Low Metal Ion Release

CASTEL SAN PIETRO19 October 2020 – Medacta announced today the official launch of the new SensiTiN system in the European market. This system includes titanium niobium nitride (TiNbN) coated knee implants for use in total knee replacement and revision procedures.

Medacta SensiTiN system has been designed to reduce metal ion release. Leveraging the clinical experience gained in Europe with GMK Sphere and GMK Primary TiNbN coated implants, Medacta has decided to extend this technology to its revision system (GMK Hinge SensiTiN and GMK Revision SensiTiN) for which it has recently received the CE marking. Following this important registration, the SensiTiN system is now a complete system that allows for treating a larger number of patients, from primary to complex revision cases. Moreover, the system will become even more complete with the upcoming introduction of the Medacta TiNbN coated partial knee system.

Pieter Ackerman, M.D., has recently performed a surgery utilizing a GMK Hinge SensiTiN at Az Sint-Vincentius Hospital in Deinze, Belgium. ‘I am very excited about the new SensiTiN system, as it dramatically reduces the exposure of patients to metallic ions,’ said Dr. Ackerman. ‘As the most advanced technique to limit the release of ions in total knee replacement, the titanium niobium nitride coating minimizes the risk of adverse reactions, especially for patients with proven or suspected sensitivity to metal ions.’

The SensiTiN system has now been extended to the entire GMK family for total knee replacement (from GMK Primary to GMK Revision and Hinge), retaining all the features of the Medacta GMK system. The GMK system includes versatile and comprehensive knee arthroplasty solutions designed to preserve joint functionality. The GMK instrumentation is designed to minimize complexity. Thanks to its modularity, the surgeon is able to better adapt their approach to different surgical scenarios.

Medacta provides surgeons with continuous support in the application of its knee portfolio and other products through the M.O.R.E. Institute, which offers comprehensive educational programs that aim to help surgeons get their patients back to their healthy and active lifestyles as safely and efficiently as possible.

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