Showcasing NextAR™ at The Irish Orthopaedic Association 2022 Meeting

Medacta’s NextAR (Augmented Reality Surgical Platform) was the centre piece of Premier Surgical’s exhibition at the Irish Orthopaedic Association 2022 Meeting. It was wonderful to see such a high turnout for the first face-to-face meeting in over two years.

It was a great opportunity for many surgeons to gain exposure to NextAR’s innovative cloud-based platform featuring advanced planning tools with unique soft tissue assessment, a revolutionary tracking system and augmented reality glasses to potentially improve surgery accuracy and efficiency with low upfront capital investment.

Special thank you to Federico Lupi who joined us to speak of his experiences supporting surgeons across Europe using the NextAR platform.

Watch the following video to see a snapshot of NextAR’s demonstration at the meeting. To schedule a NextAR demonstration, contact [email protected]

About NextAR™

NextAR empowers the surgeon’s vision with unique real-time surgical guidance superimposed onto the operative field to enhance precision and enable data-driven decision-making. NextAR has the potential to provide significant benefits to the healthcare system: a single platform for all orthopaedic procedures.

Augmented Reality 

The perception of real-life environments can be enriched with useful information, measured in real-time by the system and displayed on NextAR Smart Glasses worn by the surgeon. This is superimposed on the operative field of view in a highly intuitive way, enabling enhanced decision making and optimising surgery.

Advanced Planning

The protocol is based on CT derived images. These enable an accurate and personalised plan to optimise implant positioning and joint balancing. NextAR is a cloud-based system based on MySolutions platform, accessible from any device.

Smart Delivery Tools

NextAR TS (Tracking System) enables real-time instruments guidance and accurate implant positioning. The infrared single-use modules add intelligence to surgery without compromising procedural flow or O.R. logistics.

Healthcare Sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Medacta’s strategy, in environmental, economic and social terms. NextAR embodies this philosophy while providing an advanced system with unique value.