Hysteroscopy & Endometrial Ablation Training in three Hospitals during May 2022 

Premier Surgical’s Gynaecology Team were busy in mid May providing hands-on hysteroscopy (simulation & VR) with the TruClear™ mechanical hysteroscopic tissue removal system and OperåScope™ Single-Use Operative Hysteroscopy System as well as endometrial ablation training with Thermablate™ Endometrial Ablation System and Librata™ Cordless Ablation Device to SpRs in The National Maternity Hospital, University Maternity Hospital Limerick (UL Hospitals Group) and Craigavon Area Hospital (Southern Health and Social Care Trust). Supporting and facilitating surgical skills development throughout a surgeon’s career path is an important aspect of what we do.

Watch the following video to see a synopsis of these training sessions. To schedule a gynaecological training session, contact [email protected]

About TruClear™

Unlike other intrauterine abnormality treatment options that use a high-frequency electric current, the TruClear™ hysteroscopic tissue removal system uses a simple mechanical approach to remove intrauterine tissue. Therefore there is no scarring from thermal energy or energy discharge. Also, no bubbles or electrical energy in the uterus reduces the risk of air or gas emboli and the risk of patient harm.

About OperåScope™

The OperåScope™ was designed specifically with the office setting in mind. The convenient single-use design is ready for use out of the box, allowing surgeons to diagnose and treat patients without the constraints of traditional hysteroscopy.

About Thermablate™

The Thermablate Endometrial Ablation System is a clinically proven, gentle, two minute treatment that can significantly reduce or stop heavy menstrual periods for women who have completed childbearing. Thermablate EAS is a one-time, non-hormonal treatment that reduces the need for major surgical intervention such as hysterectomy.

About Librata™

The Librata allows for a simplified ablation procedure by being the first cordless, fully automated, disposable ablation device. The Librata treatment is ~2 minutes, making the procedure short and quick for both the surgeon and patient.